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Current interfaces of mobile devices are rather limited when adaptability, context-awareness and proactiveness are considered. For example, they do not utilize the context of the interaction, nor the environmental changes in the user's proximity or the capabilities of the device. This context can include information about the situation and the user preferences, longer or shorter time usage histories, etc. To improve usability and to provide a better user experience, the interfaces of the devices should become more intelligent and require less intentional user inputs.

In order to achieve this goal, novel interaction methods need to be developed and combined with statistical models of the user that capture, for example, her behavior, personal preferences and goals. Furthermore, the developed solutions need to be evaluated via extensive user tests to guarantee they are valuable to the users. To improve the dialogue between the different research topics and their practitioners, the workshop aims at bringing together researchers from the fields of user modeling, user interaction and user experience, with developers of mobile and ubiquitous applications. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to provide a common forum for exchanging ideas between these domains.

Submissions to the workshop should combine at least two of the following aspects:

  • User modeling
  • User interaction
  • User experience

Example topics include, but are not limited to,

  • adaptive context-aware user interfaces
  • adaptive mobile computing applications
  • considerate computing
  • context-aware information retrieval
  • embedded solutions for machine learning
  • large scale data gathering and its challenges
  • large scale user studies
  • minimal/implicit/reduced user interaction

The workshop took place on May 13, 2007. The organisers thank the participants, contributors and committee members for a successful workshop.