News and events

  • Spectral Mass and Maui 2.0 released

    Tue, 21.10.2014

    Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT) released two new software modules: Spectral Mass and Maui 2.0. Spectral Mass is an EEGLAB Extension used to compute the probability that two EEG datasets are similar in terms of both power (ERSP in EEGLAB terms) and coherence (ITC).  Maui 2.0 is a keyword extraction tool, built on the old Maui, a topic indexing tool with several improved added. The source code for both releases can be found in the HIIT github repository.

  • MIDAS system released

    Fri, 12.09.2014

    The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) has released the MIDAS (Modular Integrated Distributed Analysis System) system on 13 August 2014. MIDAS is a system for online analysis of streaming physiologic signals and other time series and for easy integratration of features (e.g., psychophysiological metrics) into online machine learning frameworks.

    The MIDAS system consists of distributed processing nodes. A central node implements as RESTful JSON API which can be used to access information from the processing nodes.

  • Discussion event in UH Tiedekulma 14.10.2014 (in Finnish)

    Thu, 04.09.2014

    A discussion event Tiedon vallankumous, robotisaatio ja työelämä took place in University of Helsinki Tiedekulma (Porthania) on 14 October at 16-18 with Kiti Müller and Patrik Floréen from the Revolution of Knowledge Work project. The video from the event can be seen here:



  • Next Big Meeting

    Tue, 12.08.2014

    Next Big Meeting will take place in Kumpula on 27 August.

  • Next Big Meeting

    Thu, 05.06.2014

    Our next Big Meeting for all the researchers in the project will take place in Otaniemi on 12 June.

  • Advisory Board meeting

    Wed, 30.04.2014

    The Advisory Board will meet in Kumpula on 9 May 2014. Ongoing work in the project will be presented.

  • Big meeting in Kumpula

    Wed, 30.04.2014

    The most recent bi-monthly big meeting for all in the project took place 16 april 2014 in Kumpula.

  • Articles in Tiede Magazine and in Aalto University Magazine

    Tue, 18.03.2014

    An article about our research was published in Tiede Magazine 3/2014, pages 50-55.
    Our research was also featured in Aalto University Magazine Nr 10, March 2014, pages 12-17.

  • Meeting in Otaniemi

    Tue, 04.02.2014

    The latest Big Meeting, bringing together all researchers in the project, took place in Otaniemi 4 February.

  • Tekes report

    Thu, 30.01.2014

    The work during 1.9.-31.12.2013 and the related costs have been reported to Tekes.