Fri, 05.02.2016


@ Tieto Oyj, Aku Korhosen tie 2, Helsinki, meeting room Berlin

The Tekes-funded project Revolution of Knowledge work (Re:Know) provides solutions to support the future knowledge worker and establishes an open ecosystem around these solutions. The project works on symbiotic human-computer interfaces for information seeking, on easing cooperation, and will ultimately also support well-being at work. A central concept in our project is Digital Me, which aggregates personal data of the user.

The work environment can be instrumented with different sensors and the user can apply psycho-physiological measuring devices to provide contextual information. Examples of such sensors are keyloggers on the computer, gaze trackers and skin-conductivity rings on the user’s finger.

We have planned and implemented a number of prototypes supporting the future knowledge worker.  The event will include short presentations explaining selected results of the project, after which the participants can try out prototypes in hands-on demonstrations.

From a business perspective, the project interfaces to information services, data-driven business and the industrial internet.

The present project Re:Know2 is a continuation for 2015−17 of the Re:Know1 project 2013−15. Project partners are University of Helsinki, Aalto University and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

The event requires advance registration! Due to space restrictions, the number of persons is limited to 50. You can register here at the latest 26 February.

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