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Submission Instructions

The papers must be submitted by 20 April 2009 23:59 UTC-11 using the electronic submission system at

The length of the papers should be 10 pages or less. The submissions must adhere to the ACM Proceedings Format (pdf files only; max file size 10 MB; title and abstract lengths max 256 and 2000 characters, respectively). Please ensure that fonts used are embedded in the pdf file (see, e.g., Appendix C of the PDF Specification for IEEE Xplore or Section 6 of the Formatting Instructions for NIPS*2007). Ensure - to the extent possible - that your paper is understandable and prints correctly also in black and white. The ACM copyright strip must be added to the camera ready paper on the 1st page, bottom of the 1st column (detailed instructions will be given with the notification of acceptance). Remember to add the reviewer conflicts of interest to complete the submission. We recommend that you make an initial submission with a tentative title and abstract well before the deadline date to avoid any last minute problems (the pdf file is not required until the deadline and the submission system allows you to edit, replace or withdraw the paper and associated metadata before the deadline).

All submitted papers will be reviewed for quality and originality by the Program Committee. Based on this review, the papers will be accepted for oral and/or poster presentations, or rejected. The review process will not be double-blind (i.e., the reviewers can see your identity, you do not have to anonymize your paper).

The notifications of acceptance will be sent by 15 May 2009.

If the paper is accepted:

The rejected papers will remain confidential.

The submission system will ask you to mark the paper to one primary and zero or more secondary topic areas:

You will also be asked enter a list of free-form keywords that describe your paper.

Please read the Call for Papers for further information and instructions.

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