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PASCAL2 Invited Talk by Jim Thomas

In Session 1 at 9:10-9:50 (notice changed time!) — see the Workshop Program.

Visual Analytics Techniques that Enable Knowledge Discovery: Detecting the Expected and Discovery of the Unexpected

[pdf slides, ppt slides]

Jim Thomas (AAAS Fellow, PNNL Fellow, Director National Visualization and Analytics Center)


Over the first few years of growing interest in visual analytics technologies several systems have become real (used by 10s to 10s of thousand of users). These visual analytics technologies demonstrate some approaches enabling new analytic methods for knowledge discovery. Several technology suites are reviewed with 10 common characteristics identified. These common characteristics illustrate how we, to date, have brought forth new capabilities, yet much is to be done. These also naturally lead to the top ten technology challenges in visual analytics that will be provided as fuel for discussions during the workshop.

Short Biography

Jim has spent 36 years in graphics, visualization and now founding visual analytics. He has held most leadership positions in ACM SIGGRAPH, including chair. He has chaired IEEE Visualization in 2003 and founded and now chairs the Steering Committee for IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology Symposium (VAST). Jim has published over 150 articles, given over 100 invited/keynote talks, and has been Editor in Chief for IEEE CG&A, sits on several industry, academic, and government advisory boards and now is on the editorial board for Journal for Information Visualization. He has 10 patents and dozens in process, and received numerous international science awards. Jim is a visionary with a practical bent that drives him to lead teams to invent science that gets transferred into applied systems.

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