The highest decision-making body of HIIT is the Board. It decides on HIIT’s overall research strategy and research programmes. The statutory tasks of the Board are to approve the annual budget and activity plans, and follow up and comment on the work of HIIT through regular activity updates given by the Director of HIIT. In 2018 the Board convened 4 times.

The HIIT Board consists of eight members, each with a personal deputy. Both parent universities appoint two academic members. In addition, they appoint together three members who are not employed by either university. One member is elected by HIIT personnel. A new Board was nominated in March 2018, and the Board now consists of the following members (personal deputies in parentheses):

  • Chairman: Dean, Professor Jouko Lampinen, Aalto (Professor Esko Kauppinen, Aalto)
  • Vice chairman: Until July 2018: Dean, Professor Paula Eerola, UH. From August 2018 onwards: Dean, Professor Kai Nordlund, UH (Professor Hannu Toivonen, UH)
  • Professor Lauri Savioja, Aalto (Professor Antti Ylä-Jääski, Aalto)
  • Professor Sasu Tarkoma, UH (Professor Valtteri Niemi, UH)
  • Pekka Ala-Pietilä (Kari-Pekka Estola)
  • Executive Director Riikka Heikinheimo, Confederation of Finnish Industries (Chief Policy Adviser Mika Tuuliainen, Confederation of Finnish Industries)
  • Director Mervi Karikorpi, Technology Industries of Finland (Director Ville Peltola, Technology Industries of Finland)
  • Personnel representative: Docent Antti Honkela, UH (Postdoctoral Researcher Matti Nelimarkka, Aalto)

The Director of HIIT, Professor Petri Myllymäki, is responsible for preparing and submitting propositions to the Board. The Secretary of the Board in 2018 was HIIT’s Vice-Director Patrik Floréen.